Lucia Landscaping:
One Team Branding/Culture Film

Feb, 2022
Lucia Landscaping

Project overview

In this branding/culture video project for a landscaping company, we brought their "One Team" culture value to life. By showcasing their collaborative approach and the belief that every project is a team effort, we captured the spirit of unity and dedication within their company. The video highlights the seamless coordination and teamwork that goes into each landscaping project, reinforcing their commitment to delivering exceptional results as a cohesive unit.


Our branding/culture video boosted current employees' morale, highlighting the "One Team" culture and fostering unity. It also served as a powerful recruitment tool, attracting like-minded individuals who value collaboration. The video showcased the supportive work environment and emphasized the company's commitment to teamwork. Overall, it had a positive impact on both existing and potential employees, strengthening the team and attracting those who align with the company's values.

Final Project