Lakeside Lighting & irrigation:
Branding/Culture Film

May, 2022
Lakeside Lighting &

Project overview

The goal with this video project was to radiate Lakeside Lighting & Irrigation's vibrant team spirit and shared values. Through engaging visuals and authentic narratives, it showcases a workplace where collaboration and positivity thrive. By highlighting the strong bonds and a shared commitment to excellence, the video conveys a compelling invitation for individuals to join a team where they can truly enjoy and grow in their careers.


For potential future employees, the video serves as an inspiring glimpse into the company's culture. It portrays a workplace where positivity, collaboration, and shared values are integral. This portrayal can attract individuals seeking a fulfilling work environment, where team camaraderie and personal growth are prioritized. Ultimately, the video not only uplifted current employees but also holds the potential to shape the company's future by attracting like-minded talent who resonate with its vibrant cultural ethos.

Final Project