Make Lemonade:
Real Hands Back Massager
Ecommerce Ad

April, 2019
Make Lemonade
Ecommerce ad

Project overview

In this ecommerce product video project, we advertised an innovative back massager with a groundbreaking twist. By showcasing the new "real hands" feature, which replaces traditional plastic nodes, we presented a fresh approach to relaxation. Through expert filming and creative storytelling, we demonstrated how this cutting-edge technology delivers a lifelike massage experience, making the product a must-have for anyone seeking ultimate comfort and relief.


The ecommerce product video project yielded impressive results, effectively highlighting the revolutionary "real hands" feature of the back massager. Viewers resonated with the innovative concept, resulting in increased engagement and interest. The video's clear presentation of the product's benefits translated into higher conversion rates, as potential customers were captivated by the lifelike massage experience offered by the new technology. This positive response not only generated heightened sales but also positioned the brand as a pioneer in redefining relaxation in the industry.

Final Project